(Last Updated On: April 17, 2019)

Recently came back to trading from 4 month break and decided to use TradeZero platform again. To my surprise the ZeroPro platform has been improved a lot. And now its coming with better and improved charts called ProCharts. TradeZero team has done an excellent job by improving their software.

This review is going to be an update for my previous TradeZero Review post what I did in year 2018. Will mark out all the improvements seen…

You can check out my previous review HERE.

  • New improved software
  • Better looks
  • Faster executions
  • Better charts
  • Faster money deposits
  • Cheap or Zero commissions
  • Now for US citizens
  • Shorting Overnight hold fee (still the same x7 for borrows)
  • Can’t save all settings on charts

Improved Wiring speeds.

When I deposited money, I was quite amazed how fast it’s been transferred to my account. As I live in UK, I had to send out money by 3pm so it goes out the same day. I sent it out just before 3pm and received it in TradeZero account after about 3 hours what is super fast. I remember time before I had to wait for days after. Now I receiving it same day what is big improvement. At least from UK bank transfer.

Improved software with better charting.

YES, finally. If you traded with previous version charts you will understand me. Software itself have changed.

Some of improvements noticed:

  • Better hot key setup
  • Possibility to add more time and sales windows (Sometimes I am using 2 time and sales windows one normal and other showing share size from 1k shares, just easier to spot bigger orders going through)
  • Better charts with possibility to add execution triangles on chart
  • Faster executions, been trading for about one month now and haven’t got any missed fills

Here is some examples of charting.

The only thing what could be improved – to save settings changed on chart. For example if you want to enable setting to see trades on chart, you can’t save it and next time you have to do it again. Not a big thing, but…

Now available for US citizens

When I recently came back to trading, I thought to open TZ home page and see do they have any news. I opened their web page and what I see?

I was thinking, this is a pure gift!! But then by looking more into it my web page address was https://tradezero.us So this is the page for US citizens, who now got perfect opportunity to trade totally for free. Zero commissions on everything.

Coming back to international page, commissions was still the same as it was in year 2018. You can check them out in my previous REVIEW.

I hope I covered all. Please ask questions if you want to know something more about Platform.

Thanks for attention.