Introducing the ultimate trade tracking spreadsheet for Interactive Brokers users! 

 This custom-made spreadsheet is packed with features that allow you to easily track and analyse your trades, making it the perfect tool for traders of all levels.

Import from CSV

 With the ability to import trades from CSV, track both Option (Long Calls and Long Puts) and Stock trades.

No more manual input!!


The spreadsheet includes statistics by INNER DEMONS and STRATEGIES, which is a unique feature that allows you to track and analyse your trades based on specific criteria. 

The “inner demons” statistic refers to common mistakes or bad habits that traders often fall victim to, such as impulsive buying or selling, or overtrading. 

By tracking these “inner demons”, you can identify patterns in your trading behaviour and work to overcome them.

The “strategies” statistic, on the other hand, allows you to track and analyse your trades based on the specific strategies you are using. 

This can include things like tracking your success rate for different types of options or stock trades, or analysing your performance when using specific indicators or technical analysis tools. 

 By tracking your performance based on these strategies, you can identify which ones are working well for you and which ones may need to be tweaked or replaced.

And lets not forget the PNL calendar.

The interactive monthly PNL (profit and loss) calendar is a feature that allows the user to view their trading performance on a monthly basis.

PNL Calendar

Some of available Metrics:

Some of available Statistics:

One time Payment

Are you tired of paying monthly subscriptions?
£ 30
  • Import from CSV
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Support When You Need It
  • Instructions to Set it Up


A Step by Step guide

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