(Last Updated On: August 13, 2018)

Just a quick post on TEFS trader Hot Keys. Its very easy to set them up. 

I like their platform. I have never had a missed fills yet. And I am using exact ASK and BID prices. I know some people are adding few cents to not miss a fill. But I found it quick enough to fill me straight away.

Ok, lets start to set them up….

First you have to go under config menu and choose Hot Key

You will get a Hot Key Configure Window.




Make sure you got ”enable Hot Key” box ticked and when you are finished editing your Hot Keys don’t forget to save them. You don’t want to lose all your hard work.

I made my hot keys by these samples.

Hot Key Configure

You just have to write in your hotkeys manually. I have added my hotkey setup what is configured on keyboards NUM pad. Just works perfect for me and maybe you like it too.

My hot key setup

I have added Shift+A and Ctrl+A to get out with market order from Long and Short positions, in case of no fill.

If you want to Short stock at the end must be SHORT not sell 😉


If you got any questions, please ASK.

Thank you.