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Introducing the Spreadsheet for NinjaTrader users.  This custom-made spreadsheet contains everything you need to keep track of your trades and analyse your performance.

Here you can track your own trading results, your automated strategy results and also Playback results.

I found it very useful to import playback results. As many of my strategies include an integrated ATM strategy what requires live data feed to backtest.  And then save each of playback as csv file and then import all of them in Excel Workbook to view side by side. 

Spreadsheet includes:

✔ Import trades from CSV
✔ MacOS and Windows
✔ Track Futures trades. Long and Short trades.(Currently works only with futures)
✔ 2 Dashboards, See your ALL time trading data and Date range statistics
✔ Statistics by MISTAKES and STRATEGIES
✔ Easy to follow instructions
✔ Interactive Yearly, Monthly PNL calendar
✔ Change the Font for all WorkBook
✔ Support when you need it

Filter your trades by:

✔ Year, Month, Day, Weekday
✔ Win or Loss
✔ Long and Short Futures
✔ Time
✔ Manually added Strategies, Mistakes (Demons)
✔ Ticker or Symbol


£ 20

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