How to:

Interactive dashboard

  • Change colours
  • Add or remove Axes Legends
  • Adjust location and Size

Movable, resizable dashboard elements

  • Change size of the elements
  • Move them where you like
  • Save the layout

Filter the data

Compare your gains with any symbol for the same time period

click on the image to view it larger…

view images attached to the strategies

Import trades with ease.

Import up to 7 days from Traders Workstation

Be aware that all trades must be closed to use this option.

Import all of your data from CSV files


Make a daily trading Plan

  • Make and save a trading plan
  • Add pictures to it
  • Save as HTML file

view economic events

additional Monthly statistics

click on the image to view it larger…

add a picture

  • Import from a link like TradingView
  • Copy from clipboard
  • Drag and Drop
  • From a file

Add Mistakes, Strategies and Other tags

Interactive PNL calendar

  • View by Month/Year
  • Switch from Old style to New
  • Toggle weekends ON or OFF

Questions and answers

My account is in CHF and I have EUR/CHF/USD in it. Does it calculate the performance correctly, including currency?
Yes, it will set your journal at your base currency. In your case everything will be converted in CHF
If I buy it today, are subsequent updates included in the price?
Yes, updates are included in the price. What includes bug fixes and additional features.
I have one account for investing and one for trading. Is this also possible for multiple accounts?
Haven’t built this feature yet. If you import two accounts at the moment in the same journal, it will be mixed up. But you can also use two separate journals for each account.
I’m also looking to include this feature in the next update. So it will be possible to switch between accounts.
How long does the import of IB last, max. 1 year or longer?
You can export all of your trading data by using IB website flex queries. I have exported 4 years of data like this.
If something is not clear about the programme or I have further questions, where can I turn?
The best communication would be through my email what you will receive after purchase. If you want to contact me before purchase, please use the contact form below. I try to answer all of the emails in 24h period, but sometimes it may take longer.
Also if the customer is not happy with the product, I’ll issue a refund.
 Where and how is the programme data stored?
Data will be stored on your local disk. Same as where the application.
According to you, what is the big difference between the Excel version and Python?
The Excel version is quite good but it doesn’t have a built in currency converter(to your base currency), also it’s slower due to being a complex document. 
The python workbook can connect to your TWS platform and request some data like open positions and portfolio information. 
Python workbook can connect and download flex queries by not logging into the ib website.
And overall I can add more future features to the python workbook. Excel is very limited.
And many more…
 Does it also work on the Mac – Numbers or only on Excel? Which Windows version?
It works on both platforms MAC and Windows. But both OS will need python software to be installed, which is explained in instructions.

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