(Last Updated On: February 9, 2021)

How to use my trade tracking spreadsheet.

First and most important, you will need Microsoft Excel

The use is quite simple, but before that we need to prepare Interactive Brokers platform for exporting trade data. Be aware, you can only export max last 7 days of data. I export it every day at the end of trading session so I dont miss any data.




First we find The TRADE LOG located in NEW WINDOW menu

2ND – choose the time frame. Remember you can only show max 7 days of trades. Its best to export it every day. For example, I gonna chose to export last 7 days.


If you want to export only current day reports, click FILE – EXPORT TODAY’S REPORTS

4TH – click choose custom columns, and Choose…

Make sure its the same settings.

NEXT TICK THE SAME SETTINGS AS IN PICTURE and SORT them at same location or import will not work

Can use Move UP, Move Down to sort item

And push ok


Now we should get a new CSV file.

We open it and select and copy all data, not including first row of TITLES

Now paste it all in DATA – C2 CELL

Next time you want to ADD more data, just select last C cell without data and paste it all in. In my example it would be C32

Next we can sort out dates. Exported dates is written in format what we need to change for excel to understand it.

So we press DATE CHANGE button in the upper left corner of sheet.

Now all our other tabs recognise date format. You need to do it every time you import new data

Next some of columns must be manually extended to the last row with data. Just select cell you want to extend and pull it downwards(using little square box) to last data.



Next we go to MAINPAGE


Start date is only for illustrative purpose, so you know what date you started this spreadsheet

PLEASE DONT EDIT ANY OTHER VALUES or you gonna get errors

AND lastly press the UPDATE CHART button

For example I put in start date of 1st of February and start balance of 2000



Now when we move back to DATA tab we should see new data in Value Sorted column. Please don’t edit it or it will change your data on PNL CURVE

Next we move on to STRATEGY TAB

Here you can replace all these strategies with your own. Or delete and leave it blank.

Now when we go back to DATA tab, under the strategy column you can chose your strategy from drop down list.

Please be aware, it only gonna work if you only place the strategies in cells marked blue colour, because it must match PNL values. If there is no PNL values in row, STRATEGY tab not gonna show any calculations.

AND make sure you fill in every blue cell for calculations to be accurate

Next we open the RULES tab. You can rename it as you want. Lets say for example – mistakes

Here it similar as in STRATEGY tab, you can change any values  in grey to your values. And then when you go back to DATA tab, under the MISTAKES column you can add as many as you like, here it don’t need to be in blue colour cells as its not connected to PNL values.

Just make sure the right month and year is selected

Easy as that.


Thats about it. I hope I covered everything.

Calculator tab is still to be in testing and will be updated over a time.

Please ask in comments or DM on Twitter if you need some help. Or got some issues. Would like see some data samples who is trading stocks, then I could adjust the sheet to work with it too. Or create another spreadsheet for different broker, like DAS trader.

Thanks for your attention. 

I hope somebody will find it useful.