(Last Updated On: February 12, 2021)

Recently I created spreadsheet, where you can import data from Interactive Brokers for up to 7 days. Now I found a possibility to import up to 1 year of data. You will see Your WIN rate, PNL of every day and have possibility to add setups and mistakes.


How to do that?

Lets start by Exporting a Year of data from Interactive Brokers.

To do that you need to log in your IB web account and go to REPORTS and then FLEX QUERIES. Click + to add new query.

Then you should see details. Here you need to write NAME, change the text format, change period to 365 days(or any period you would like), change date format to dd/MM/yyyy.  And click on TRADES tab in selections.

After you click on trades tab, you should see this window below. Make sure to click on EXECUTIONS and SELECT ALL

Now click on the small arrow, what says RUN. Make sure to chose these options from picture below. And click RUN

Now you should see you report is being created, at the right side of RUN. Now just wait until it’s ready. Reload after a moment to see if its ready to download. When you download it, find the file in folder and drag and drop it on your excel document. Excel will open a new sheet for it.

Now with you new sheet opened. Click on the triangle on top left side of sheet and select all data. Then copy it all in RAW DATA tab A1 cell

Now go to DATA tab and click

  2. After its finished copying data, click PREPARE

Now we need to manually select the P3 cell and extend it to your last PNL value. Thats for calculation.

All left to do is Enter your starting balance or just put 0(zero). And update your chart to see PNL curve. PNL values you can view in YEARLY CALENDAR and PNL CALENDAR, just make sure to set correct YEAR.

Please write me how it worked out so I can do adjustments.