How to Use the compiler

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to use this custom trade compiler to speed up your compiling process by over 100 times. I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of using the compiler and provide tips on how to maximize its benefits. By the end of this post, you’ll be ready to start compiling your trades lightning-fast. So let’s get started!

This way you can compile the big batches of data lightning fast. And then use the MAIN sheets compiler only for small batches, like weekly trades or separate days.

1. Lets start by opening your compiler workbook

All of the process is very similar to the Main Workbooks process. 1st you import a CSV file, 2nd run compiling, 3rd prepare the data for next import if necessary, 4th import the next batch of trades, 5th compile again, 6th if you got another batch waiting, Prepare it again. And finally copy the trades to the MAIN Workbook.

2. Click the Import CSV button, or Import MacOS if you’re using an Apple computer.
3. Click Run Compiling

Click Ok to replace data

Enter the row number. On the first compiling you enter number 2. Later you will need to choose last closed row. Will explain a bit lower.

Now it will do its Thang and you will receive a pop up message that compiling is finished.

3. Prepare the data for next import if necessary

Go to DATA sheet and take a note of the last closed row with data.

Import the next batch of trades

Run the compiler again

Now when it asks to enter the row number, we enter the number of the last closed row. In my case its 963, you will have a different one.

4. Repeat the step 3 again if necessary

I have finished importing the CSV files so we can move the data to the MAIN Workbook

5. Open the main workbook and delete the data if necessary

You should delete the data if you are opening the workbook for the first time. As there will be some dummy data. 

6. Click the compiler data button in buttons sheet

You must keep both workbooks open to complete this step. For Compiling and InteractiveBrokersShortEnabled must be open.

It will do its Thang again

7. Click the extend formulas button

This button will Integrate all of the data imported with the formulas and formatting

8. And its done

It should bring you to the MAIN dashboard, and the only thing left to do is hit that Refresh button

Now when all of the big bathes of trades are imported, we can use the InteractiveBrokersShortEnabled Workbooks integrated compiler for next smaller imports.

Its the same process. Hit the Prepare button, take a note of the last closed row number. Import the CSV file. And click the Web trades button.

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