Using multiple Time Frames

If you want to improve your trading, you should use more than one time frame to set up your trades. Using of multiple time frames improves your view on trade you are prepared to take. Multiple time frames can give you clearer picture of where the trend is. Maybe you are looking on 5 minute time frame and saying: This is trending higher. But then you have a look in 60 minute chart and it’s screaming for short. Anyway it gonna be better probability of a good trade if you look at bigger time frames. Long Term and Short...

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03 LEVEL2, Time and Sales, Order Types

Level 2 and Time and sales is a tool where goes through all the orders. All the buy and sell orders. With Level 2 you can send your buy and sell orders out in the market. Lets look closer what each of these parameters mean. SYMBOL – Stock symbol like TSLA,NFLX,AAPL Last – Last price at the market BID – The bid price is what buyers are willing to pay for it. SHARE SIZE – any share size, must be entered to execute order ORDER TYPE – LIMIT – your chosen price; MARKET – best market price; STOP – stop orders SHRT...

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02 Setting Up a DAS TRADER Platform

In this post I will show you how to set up Das platform on laptop or on one monitor what I think most of starters would have. So lets start. If you did how I told you in previous post, now you should be downloading or already have downloaded DAS Trader DEMO for 14 days. DEMO works the same as simulator. So 14 days for free is like a gift. So you install the download and open it. Dont get confused of user ID cause I used my GF email. The thing with DAS is that you cant use...

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00 How to start.

Welcome, to HOW TO START DAYTRADING SERIES This will be my help to you to archive your success in trading. Follow the numbers on posts so you know where to start from. So in these series I want to help new traders to see the right direction. Where to go, what to do. It doesn’t mean it is the only way to go, there is many other paths to go. When I started, I lost nearly a year by following wrong people. So I just want to help you save that one year. But before we start I need...

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01 Start with Demo Account

How I should start? First thing I would recommend a DEMO account. Don’t be so stupid and start straight away with real money. You will lose it 100%. I have seen people blowing up their 30k accounts in no time. Thats not the best start how to put yourself emotionally ready for trading career. What I can say, losing money hurts and until you havent find at least one good pattern to trade don’t go trading with live money. And with DEMO it’s much more safer, you can get used to software, you can introduce yourself to LV2, Time...

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