(Last Updated On: August 12, 2018)

Hi guys, just a quick lesson how to set up TradeZero ZeroPro platform for one or multiple monitors. I think you should use at least 2 monitors. I am using 5 and it works perfectly. But thats a different blog post.

In this post we gonna see how to:

  1. Set up windows so we can place them anywhere on any monitor
  2. Link charts with LV2
  3. Add indicators
  4. Add market clock
  5. Add portfolio
  6. Add news block
  7. explore Short list

If you’r looking how to set up hotkeys for ZeroPro platform have a look HERE

So lets start with opening TradeZero. First you should see a login screen. Here we have to go under additional settings and make sure we tick all of three boxes. So it confirms to save layout when we exit, save our password when we log in and we can use Free floating windows, this is very important if you want to move your TZ windows over different monitors.

Log in screen

Next should open default layout.

default layout

But we gonna build it from scratch so you see where to get these windows from.

We will need to open empty layout. You can come here when you need to load some saved layout.

Open layout
Empty layout

You should get an empty TZ main window. We just gonna minimise it smaller and leave it in corner.

minimise to corner

You can place the windows how ever you like but I gonna show you my optimal one monitor placement for 3 stocks. As we checked the free floating window option, we can move our windows to any of monitors and set it up how we like.

So lets start by adding a montage LV2 and charts window.

For myself, I’m not using TZ charts, I just dont like them. I am using additional TC2000 charting software.

When you open chart, there gonna show up settings window where you leave everything as it is.

chart settings

Next we gonna link together LV2 and charts window, so by entering symbol in LV2 we get the same on chart. 

We right click anywhere on LV2 window and choose linked to group. Then we select group A, tick the link window box and press ok. Then we do the same on charts window. Right click on chart, choose linked to group, choose group A, tick the box and press ok.

Now we should have both windows linked together.

Linked to group
Link setup

Now these both are linked together and now by typing in SYMBOL at LV2 or chart window it will show up on both.

Lets go through charts toolbar quickly.

SYMB – will open our previous, chart setup window, where you can select different time frame and change some settings. Not gonna go through this now. If you got some questions ask them in comments section.

IND – Add indicators. We will do it shortly

DAILY TO 15 MIN – Some of time frames. I am usually using 1,2,15 and Daily time frames

ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT – To zoom in and out chart

LINE – set up a line on chart. For example to mark trend or support and resistance levels. 

CROSSHAIR – use crosshair to get out more data about each candle. Can open crosshair by double clicking on chart too.


Now lets add some indicators. Open IND or right click on chart and choose indicators. I usually set my chart with VWAP, Volume and moving averages.

To add indicators, just chose indicator from left side, push add indicator and it gonna show up on right side. Then by selecting each of them you can change colours and settings. 

Volume – leave as it is

vwap – set the colour you want, i got red

moving average – blue colour, period nine, thats for intraday chart, 1m, 2m. (You can add any periods what sits your trading style)

moving average2 – white colour, period 200. This is usable for daily chart. 200 moving average is important support and resistance point.


Now we can add two more LV2 windows with charts, link them again for B and C and add indicators.

Sadly you can’t save your indicators and then just load it on chart as on different platforms. But they will stay when you save your layout.

I set it up so it look like this now…


You can chose what ever layout what suits your needs, for example, on second monitor you can link 3 charts with one LV2 window for 3 time frames. Daily, 15min and 1min – like on example.

monitor 2

Now lets add a market clock, so you see what is the time. This is very important step, I found it hard to trade without market clock. To add it we go to SYSTEM and just place it where its comfortable. 

add clock

Next we gonna add PORTFOLIO to see and cancel our orders. See closed positions, order history, and details about our account.


Then add NEWS block, which I found out is quite good and is linked to Benzinga news. Just enter the symbol and search for news or link it to one of groups so you see the news when you enter symbol in LV2 or chart.


Next you can add watch list, top list or any other window. I found out that these are not best made windows. I better use some additional scanner windows, tc2000 watch list where i can add float or Trade Ideas scanners. Post about trade ideas scanners.

One more important thing when you SHORTING small caps is SHORT locates under 

Where you can enter symbol, shares needed and pressing locate symbol.

short list

And DON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR LAYOUT. As we did with open layout, just do the save.

Thats about it guys. If you liked my post don’t forget to like and share it. Comment a question if you have one. 

Thanks for attention and have a nice day. Peace…