HOW TO export trades from Ninjatrader platform

And set up the spreadsheet

1. Log into you ninjatrader account

2. Go to new menu

3. if you want to export backtesting data – go to strategy analyzer

3. if you want to export your trades – go to trade performance

If you are back-testing your strategy with playback, then find your trades also in Trade Performance menu.

4. Change to  display trades, right click on one of the trades and choose export…

5. Make sure to save it as csv file

for Non english language users 

Ignore this step if workbook works with your language settings.

If your computer language is set to any other language than English, you might need to change it to English. Preferably English, United Kingdom.

This is due to a different date and number formats. For example English, UK date format is 24/12/2023 but German is 24.12.2023. And that can cause errors within workbook.

Most common error for this:


Would be to change the computer regional language settings to English, United Kingdom or English, United States

Spreadsheet set up

Lets open the spreadsheet and start importing data!

1. Go to buttons sheet

2. Click Delete data button.

Do this only first time when you open the spreadsheet or when you want to delete all of your data from DATA sheet.

You will get a popup message: Enter the row number to delete from. Enter 4

It will delete all data below row 4 in DATA sheet. 

This way you can also delete some unwanted data at the end of the spreadsheet. Just enter the nr of row you want to delete the data from. It will delete the chosen row and everything underneath.

3. Click Import trades, chose your csv file, confirm

4. Click COMPILE

It will run all of the necessary operations. It might take some time, dependable on quantity of the data.

5. nEXT WE Can Add strategies to the workbook

I found it to be more productive when I add strategies on every import. Or trades might get mixed up.

To change strategies we go to DASHBOARD 2 tab and just rename any of the names. 

Be aware. To edit the strategies only on the left side of spreadsheet. Right side is connected with formulas.

After adding your strategies, you can attach them to your trades. To do it we go to DATA sheet and choose the the strategy from drop-down list in column AL

6. Also can add and edit the MISTAKES

Be aware. To edit the mistakes we need to go to its separate tab called MISTAKES not in DASHBOARD 2. Mistakes listed in DASHBOARD 2 are connected to MISTAKES tab with formulas and will update automatically.

Just edit any of the mistakes in column F, there is also one Perfect trade tracker, what will track your perfect trades if marked in DATA sheet.

Then attach the mistakes to your trades in DATA sheet, column AM. Just Next to the strategy column. Choose it from the dropdown list.

Features and usage

To add your start balance and daily risk %, we go to DAshboard2 sheet

here we also add the symbols we are trading and the profit goal if trading an evaluation account

Enter the desired values. 

Be aware. Even trades are not added to total trades counter. As total trades are counting only the win and loss trades. But I will do a modification in future updates.

Account statistics will show the % Completed and the days traded in total. You can also add the account status icon next to a account. Very useful if you are trading more than one account. Just select the BLOWN, LIVE or PASSED from the drop-down list and it will change into an icon.

I find risk % to be useful, when you are browsing trades in DATA sheet.

Losses what are over that time Account balance chosen % mark, will be displayed in red colour.

Main Sheet or Stylish part of The Spreadsheet 

At the top of the page you can see All time statistics data. There is many metrics included in it. 

All the bottom part of the Sheet is controllable by Slicers. Slicers can filter data by Years, Months, days.  

To refresh the workbook you can click the green refresh button, it will also update the icons. Icons colour will change based on the value of account. If its in minus, icons colour will change to red.

It is required to do so, to refresh all of Slicer tabs, located at the outer sides of bottom part of sheet. Slicers are like a filters to data located in MAIN page.

There are lots of possibilities to filter your data, feel free to experiment.

At the very bottom you can see all of trades from the date range selected. I found it quite useful to display it in the same page. So you don’t have to go back to DATA sheet to check the trades out.

I found it very useful to filter trades by each of strategies and then by all together.

Dont forget to reset slicers after using them. 

And then we got the Yearly PNL Calendar what is filterable by account. Either choose all accounts or each separate account. And then just choose the account from the drop down list.

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