(Last Updated On: September 26, 2019)

In this post I will show you how to set up Das platform on laptop or on one monitor what I think most of starters would have.

So lets start. If you did how I told you in previous post, now you should be downloading or already have downloaded DAS Trader DEMO for 14 days. DEMO works the same as simulator. So 14 days for free is like a gift.

So you install the download and open it. Dont get confused of user ID cause I used my GF email. The thing with DAS is that you cant use the trial with diferent email on same device again because software is saving some hardware ID. I already tried a while ago… So now installed it on different laptop.

When you first open it you should check first two boxes to  remember the ID and password so you dont have to type it again.

On the first open it will ask you to change password, so you do it and make sure you remember it.

When thats done we are in the default layout. but I will need you to go FILE-CLEAR DESKTOP. So we can start from the scratch. Then you should learn how to set it up yourself.

Now we should have an empty layout.

So now we are ready to start putting all the bits together.

Lets start by adding montage or how we traders call it – LEVEL2

We go under TRADE menu and chose MONTAGE

Will do more detailed post on it later.

Now you can chose the symbol, I chose TSLA and write it in left top corner and press enter.

Now we will grab 3 more windows from TRADE menu. Accounts, Positions and Orders.

When you open it, click on top of its edge with right click and tick no Title Bar box. So wee can save some more space. Really one screen for me is not enough, but we have to work with what we have here.

Do the same for rest of the windows including LV2 and we should get something like this. I am moving setup how It would be best for me. Later you can move it how you like and is preferable.

Next we will add Time and Sales window or the TAPE. We can find it under the Quotes menu. Again we remove the title bar.

Now we need to link them both together. So when I enter symbol in any of these both show the same symbol data. We can do it by pulling on that small anchor located at right top corner of LV2. Just click and pull on to time and sales window.

Now both are showing the same symbol. Next the moment you probably was waiting from the start. Add a chart. You can find one under the Quotes menu. Again we remove title bar and link it with LV2 by pulling the anchor on it.

Now we got a chart showing TSLA price action. Woo, hoo lol.

To change time frame on chart you can chose those numbers on top of chart 1,2,5,15,30,60 min. D-daily, W- weekly. And even more time frames on drop down menu.

You can zoom chart with mouse wheel or with + and – keys.

Anyways now the setup.

Right click on chart and configure

Here you can tick some boxes for better viewing and understanding the data.

Can change the color to grey at background color where now is blue. Or you can leave the blue, its up to you. It seems too bright for my eyes.

chart now should look like this

Next we go to configure the data. So right click and data configure.

Not changing anything here but here is the place if you want to switch off PRE and After Hours data for any reason. What is the GREY color on my chart.

Next is the fun part. Adding indicators. For now we just gonna add most popular ones 20 Simple moving average, 200 SMA, and VWAP

Right click on chart and study config.

Chose twice simple moving average and push select twice.

Then we configure each of them.

You can configure how you like them, but I prefer to use same colors all the time. Easier for brain to get used to it. I like to use width 2 so its a bit bolder and easier to see. But its up to you.

Next adding VWAP what is volume weighted average price. Can be used as resistance or support in few cases. For vwap I like to use line with gaps and in red color so its easier recognizable.

Next we will enable those trade triangles on chart what you probably have seen on other people charts. And so you can see your own trades. Still in study config, double click on price and tick – show trades – box.

All is set. Now right click again on chart and we save the settings. So when next time we open chart we just can load the settings and we dont have to set it up again.

And lets save layout too so we dont lose our work here. FILE – SAVE DESKTOP

You see, not so hard. Half way there. now show me what you have learned and setup other half of desktop. So at the end it looks like this.

To load settings on the chart just right click and select load settings. And dont forget to link Chart and Time and sales to your second montage window.

Dont have a lot of space left and probably now you understand why there is need for at least one more monitor.

Lets add top list window, so we see what are HOT plays for today. Go QUOTES – TOP LIST and place it in middle and link it with one of your LV2 so when you double click on Top List symbol it opens it on one of your Charts and automatically is linked to LV2 and Tape.

Now lets add the most important thing – MARKET CLOCK. I cant imagine my trading without market clock.


Need to try to compress it into that small gap.


Now Lets add one more chart in the place what is left there. If you are trading big caps, I would use it to see how market is trading. Standard and Poor, S&P 500 index. Ticker symbol SPY. If you want to trade small caps you can place the some stock what you are watching.

When you place the chart, right click on it CHART AREA – CONFIG AREA. As everything is so small here lets remove the study info. By unticking the SHOW STUDY INFO box.

I even cant believe it. We have finished.

EMM, finished after we do these last bits.

Anyway your layout should look like this now. If you didnt had enough room to place everything here, don’t worry, use only one chart and LV2 + Tape.

If you got another monitor, will show you what to place there in a second.

So if you got another monitor and you want to pull out window to it then right click on top window frame, same as we removed title bar. But now you can leave title bar and select POP OUT. What will enable you to pull windows out of current desktop.

What to place on your other monitors?

You can place different charts of stocks what you are watching. There you can keep your chat room window if you have one. There you can keep opened browser window for news searching. But fastest way to find news is TWITTER so you will have to create an account there. And then just type in $ followed by your symbol in search box. For example $TSLA

Thats it for now. If you got some questions, please ask.

Next we are moving on LV2 + Time and sale explanation. One of most important tools in trading.