(Last Updated On: September 26, 2019)


This will be my help to you to archive your success in trading. Follow the numbers on posts so you know where to start from.

So in these series I want to help new traders to see the right direction. Where to go, what to do. It doesn’t mean it is the only way to go, there is many other paths to go. When I started, I lost nearly a year by following wrong people. So I just want to help you save that one year.

But before we start I need to know you are really committed, cause learning to trade takes a lot of time and money. You will need to learn every day, really put time into it. I can promise you it’s not easy. Losing money is painful but spending life in job for 40 years you don’t like is even more painful.

Day Trading…

Once browsing youtube I came up on one video where Day trader … makes $15000 in about 1 hour. Other day he does $3000, then $5000. I got quite shocked and that was the point where I became more interested in this magic lol.

At first it looked so easy, just look at the chart containing green and red boxes, push buttons and make loads of money. But here’s a totally different story. If you’r like most of starters, including myself, who starts day trading by following wrong people and by that receiving wrong lessons and just learn the wrong way how to trade, then you probably had one of the most painful experiences of your life. Can it be done differently?

You come as a newbie trader and you don’t know nothing. Who to follow, what to trade, what broker to use, what indicators to use, what time frames, where to get news from,  and so on. If you are that person, then you are in the right place. I gonna guide you through my struggles and my triumphs, and answer all the questions what once for me seemed a big obstacle on the way. But as we might find out later, we can’t go anywhere without obstacles. Obstacles make you think, change strategy, dig in deeper. You study, think, what can be done better and slowly, step by step you get past that obstacle and on to the next one, and next one, and next, and next… That is the PROCESS, that is how it goes. There is no short cut if only you find somebody who can show you the right direction, mentor, what helps and saves a lot of time and money.

How I started?

To be profitable trader you need good strategies, Edge to achieve your goal. Where to find it? Just google – day trading strategies. I bet you will find a loads of strategies, but not the best ones to be starting with.

When I started out, I GOOGLED same words ”day trading strategies”. Maybe added some additional words like ”beginner, the best, most popular”. But the problem is these words gonna bring you to the most advertised links and not the best where to start you career. So it happened with me, I googled and found Warrior Trading videos….wow, momentum strategy…. Maybe some people not gonna agree with me but DON’T even watch a single video. I started this way by watching all of his and later Dekmar trades videos and I learned so many BAD habits straight at the start. Like chasing, risking all of my account on one trade. It looked so easy, but what I later discovered these chat rooms are called sheep rooms where LEADER sheep calls out his alerts, entry points and all the rest of 1000 sheeps follow and what happens to the stock? Its rising FAST cause all the sheep is buying. There is such a large FOMO (Fear of Missing out) for everybody. Everybody jumps in without a plan and what happens next? The BIG sheep sells and stock start dropping down fast and of course you are not fast enough to get out and stock literally DUMPS on you and your account is gone. Congratulations, you have profited large PAIN!! How I know that? I started this way. How I wish there would be somebody to teach me better way. Now I am here. I not gonna teach you best way but I gonna show you better direction… You can check out my story HERE, what could be more shorter if I knew what to do at the start.