(Last Updated On: February 27, 2018)

Scanners takes a big role in my trading. I found it easier when i can see all the details about stock. I’m using TradeIdeas scanners

Here is my Low Float Gapers scanner, i use it to find Low Float Morning Gaping stocks. Float is set up to 30 million shares, so i can filter out stocks i don’t need.

I’m using two more morning gaping scanners, one is for Gap Ups over 3% and other is for Gap Downs more than 3%. But these are set up for any float stocks. These i’m using more often now, because small cap stocks are very slow now and its easier to trade bigger price stocks.

Here comes my most important scanner, it’s my Momentum scanner. Its scanning for stocks witch are moving fast, can catch a lot of good opportunities with this scanner. Mostly to catch low float stocks, but it’s been set up to catch bigger float stocks if those are moving quick enough.

One thing to bare in mind, it’s catching a lot of pump n dumps too, then it’s your decision how you decide to trade them, if trade at all.

This and all the rest scanners bring you information. It doesn’t mean if the stock is jumping on scanner you have to trade it.

I know Ross from WarriorTrading is using the same Momo scanner, just more advanced settings.

And the last one is low float scanner. It usually shows a lot more flow than previous MOMO scanner, but doesn’t repeat itself too much. This is very useful in slow days.