As you already might know, having a trade journal is very important step in trading. You can use any of the pre built online trade journals like TradeSync, TraderVue, etc…, or use EXCEL spreadsheets. Over period of time I have had many excel trading journals, and now I have stayed on my optimal version. There still gonna be improvements, but now it does the things necessary.

So what are the possibilities off my SpreadSheet?

Its quite simple and easy to use. Now its only been optimised for importing Interactive Brokers option trades, but if somebody could share some data from other platforms, I could make similar one for those too.

You can download it at the bottom of page. 


Ok, lets see how it looks like page by page

  1. Mainpage – Is the Mainpage for ALL TIME stats. Here you can enter your starting balance, start date. See the Balance Now, $GAIN, %GAIN, TOTAL TRADES, Winning Trades, Losing Trades, Win %. And ALL TIME PNL CURVE Chart.

             2. DATA – This is where all the raw data comes in. I just export data from Interactive Brokers Trade Log, copy and paste it in spreadsheet. Press few buttons and its ready to use. Here you can also add your strategy used and your faults. Use of what you gonna see later.


3. STRATEGY – Here is one of most important trackers. Its monthly based. Interactive month and year change. Here you see TOTAL TRADES, TOTAL GAIN or LOSS, WINNERS quantity and WIN % on every strategy. And then totals at the end of month. Very useful.

Seems like I will need to upgrade it to larger version, cause now you only can input 14 strategies. 

      4. RULES – at first I was using this page to track broken rules. But now I switched to errors, mistakes tracking. You see, here you can input any data and it gonna count it, how many times it has happened. Very useful to see what are your weak points. Again everything is fully interactive and viewable as MONTH

5. PNL CALENDAR – very useful page to see your MONTHLY, WEEKLY and DAILY results. ALL fully interactive again!

      6. CALCULATOR – Page I created just recently to calculate stop loss and profit for OPTIONS. It is just for illustrative purposes yet, cause data can be unprecise if held multiple days. Cause you know, there is a lot of factors affecting option price. Here its just made based on delta values.

Thats how it looks like at current settings. I will upgrade it with more INFO over a time.

Next I will do a post how to set it up and how to export data from Interactive Brokers.

Please like the page at the bottom of page and add comments  if you would like it to be created for other Broker like DAS trader. Where I would need some sample data to work with. THANKS




Default version.

See other versions lower for improvements. See updates tab. Lots of updates lately




Update 09/02/2021

  • Added shortcut for inserting pictures in cell. Just select cell and click on “insert picture” button. When you hover over cell with picture, it will pop up


UPDATE 10/02/2021

  • Added yearly PNL calendar



UPDATE 05/04/2022

  • Changed overall design
  • Added date range statistics
  • Added profit/loss per ticker


How to set up spreadsheets and other stuff


Recently I created spreadsheet, where you can import data from Interactive Brokers for up to 7 days. Now I found a possibility to import up to 1 year of data. You will see Your WIN rate, PNL of every day and have possibility to add setups and mistakes. DOWNLOAD...

read more

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