(Last Updated On: November 20, 2019)

Some of you might know already that I am trading big caps now. Want to sharpen my skills in big caps. When I was trading options, I really didnt had a good strategy so I am creating it now. Got some quite good set ups coming in now, what you can see under PATTERN TRACKING menu. I would recommend tracking similar to this for every starter, so you can track working patterns and create your EDGE.

Had to completely remake my Monitor trading setup. Still trading with 3 monitors, just the layout is a bit different.

For executions I am using Sterling Trader Pro. Liking the platform but anyways using my TC2000 charts as I am too used to them. Always it is nice to open your charts and have all the previously marked lines still on chart. Thats one of main reason as all the markings is still on the chart when you open it next day or year after.

My main monitor is still the 4k one, where I have all account information, my market clock, 2 level 2 windows + time and sales. 2 pairs of tc2000 charts for two symbols.

On top of it I got my 34″ widescreen monitor. Used to use it for gaming. Really nice one for gaming. But now I am using it as my second execution monitor. Got here 2 pairs of TC2000 charts and 2 level 2 + time and sales windows. It is a bit head tilting upwards, but this is the best combination what I have tried.

And finally my last one, what was broken a while ago, but I managed to change the broken part and now it’s UP and RUNNING again. On this monitor I do all the rest of stuff, search for news, my twitter page… And 3 additional charts to watch, where middle one always stays SPY chart, so I can follow market.