(Last Updated On: November 20, 2019)

My trading setup has changed from time to time, but now I find this setup perfect for me.

Maybe just could get larger 4k monitor for executions.

For now I am using 28″ Samsung 4k monitor for executions, turned vertical for better viewing, mainly for small caps. Then I got another 32″ HP monitor, what I intend to use for options trading, its 2k and does it’s job. And one LG 34″ screen what I use for chatroom, news, scanners and some gaming.

As trading platform I am using TradeZero Zero Pro.

And for charts – TC2000

Left side monitor

Just recently made this setup for options trading. On this monitor I am keeping 2 main charts and 4 smaller ones for other plays. And one SPY or QQQ chart to see market direction.

Keeping on screen one LV2 window with Time and sales usually connected to my main watch.

Got Options trading window from TZ .

And keeping short locates window open too.

Middle 4k vertical

This is my main trading monitor. Usually I trade my small caps here.

I got here 3 LV2 windows with 3 charts for each LV2, so 6 charts together.

Charts are set up for 3 time frames – 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute or daily

At the middle I got market clock and TZ portfolio so I dont need to turn my head to see am I being executed or not.

Right side – 34″

This is the monitor where I usually keep my watchlist what is also a tracking journal what I update every day after market closing.

Here I do all the preparation works before open, like checking NEWS, Fillings, STATS.

And of course, JTraders chatroom.

Only thing I need to upgrade here is my PC. Sometimes I feel its having hard times with all these high resolutions, but it’s still doing its job.

What is your setup?

How many monitors are you using?

Would be interesting to see it…