(Last Updated On: August 13, 2018)

Yes, AGAIN. By taking wrong decisions on Friday, I am out of the game, again. Always these hard lessons, what happens when you try something new away from your edge.

So what happened? 

Maybe some of you already know that I was SWINGING ABIL over weekend from Friday. I was thinking it gonna continue to drop down, because it’s already made its move. No, somebody needed to pump it up, again. That stocks financials are crap and it surged up with no news. With TEFS, tradenet you can’t trade after hours and pre market, so I was just watching how my account gets destroyed and couldn’t do anything about it. Just to hope it gonna fall back down.

It’s not easy to write this again, but I hope somebody else can learn from it.  Its double risky to hold stocks overnight with tradenet because you wont be able to sell it Pre Market if something goes wrong.

This is one HIGHLY MANIPULATED stock. It got pumped just to get required money what is necessary to escape delisting from NASDQ.

Now I gonna spend more time to discover more A+ setups. It’s the setups what are you most confident about and can use bigger size. And then don’t trade anything else just your setups. If you don’t see setup, you don’t enter the trade.

Ahhh, still got conversation with tradenet ahead, hope they gonna let me open funded account again. 

Anyways, hope you all can learn something from this.

Take care guys.

See you soon