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01 Start with Demo Account

How I should start? First thing I would recommend a DEMO account. Don’t be so stupid and start straight away with real money. You will lose it 100%. I have seen people blowing up their 30k accounts in no time. Thats not the best start how to put yourself emotionally ready for trading career. What I can say, losing money hurts and until you havent find at least one good pattern to trade don’t go trading with live money. And with DEMO it’s much more safer, you can get used to software, you can introduce yourself to LV2, Time...

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Week 12.-16. of August trading recap – OPTIONS

OH, how I missed these recaps. It’s the time when you can check your recent trades and see where you can improve. As you can see in my progress tab, I am updating it daily with my entries and exits and profit or loss on the ticker and for the day. This week I’m up $303, but as I have decided now, I will withdraw half of profits out at the end of every week. So $150 goes for account and $150 to pay myself. When you doing like this, you feel the value of that money. If it’s...

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9th of April trade recap

Didn’t trade very well today, maybe its because yesterdays loss. Ok lets start. First trade on PHAS, it was perfect spot where to short just got greedy and didnt sell one half, was thinking it’s 100 shares anyway, will wait for bigger drop. Thats my biggest mistake. It doesn’t matter how big your account is, you must execute as planned. And it was very stupid move, I was up one buck. And then I sold it in minus. Stupid! Second trade, somehow this pattern is repeating itself again and again. When I take trade on 2 ema break, what...

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1.-5. April trade recap

Monday the 1st of April SORL – 7.95m float – SORL Auto Parts Reports Record 20% Annual Net Sales Increase in 2018 EVOK – 16.44m float, 30% institutional SELB – 40.05m float, bs news Selecta Biosciences Initiates Head-to-Head Clinical Trial (COMPARE) of SEL-212 vs. KRYSTEXXA® in Patients with Chronic Refractory Gout and Strengthens Management Team ADXS – 66.11m float, Positive cancer news Joined Jtrader chat room and feeling its helping me to be more disciplined. See how others are trading with risk in place helps. So first trade out of the gates SORL It was fading all pre market....

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25 – 29 week of March 2019 Recap

Started the week quite good. Really was on the right track until old habits started to come out in sun again. Habits like chasing and not following risk, using too big risk. Start of the week wasnt bad at all. Had good entries with good risk, was trading rejects. Second day already started to trades on weakness and that fucks up everything always. Third day again same mistakes. Some good trades on rejects. Fourth day killed me, chasing in full motion 5th day a small recovery. But learning huge from my mistakes, got more patient. Look out for rejects,...

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