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Over these 3 years of trading I have changed a lot of charting softwares, but now I have stayed with TradingView. To my experience TradingView charts is the cleanest and EASY TO USE with most of tools needed for beginner traders to professional traders. I like the Cleanliness of charts, drawing and indicator possibilities, possibility to share your chart in social networks and many more.  But as in every trading tool there is BAD sides to it. The thing I don’t like, is that you can’t sync drawings in between layouts. It means when you make new layout, you...

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TRADEZERO ZeroPro with ProCharts REVIEW

Recently came back to trading from 4 month break and decided to use TradeZero platform again. To my surprise the ZeroPro platform has been improved a lot. And now its coming with better and improved charts called ProCharts. TradeZero team has done an excellent job by improving their software. This review is going to be an update for my previous TradeZero Review post what I did in year 2018. Will mark out all the improvements seen… You can check out my previous review HERE. PROS New improved software Better looks Faster executions Better charts Faster money deposits Cheap or...

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When hearing CFD trading, a lot of people think it’s scam. Because everybody have heard stories, where the CFD broker takes ”other side” of your trades but trust me, TradeNet is a different story. From my own experience I can say, I didn’t had any problems. How did I came across TradeNet? After blowing up one of my previous brokerage accounts I was out of the game again. And when you are an average working person it’s not easy to save money for new account. So I came across TradeNet challenge and decided to try it. TradeNet challenge is...

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PROS LOW COMMISSIONS NO PDT RULE FAST DOCUMENT APPROVAL VERY FAST DEPOSITING ZERO COMMISSIONS HOT KEYS BORROWS FOR SHORT SELLERS GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT UP TO 6:1 LEVERAGE CONS NOT SO FAST EXECUTION SPEEDS HIGH DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAW FEES CHARTING NOT SUITABLE FOR US CITIZENS TradeZer0 is the broker I started using after I was mentally DONE with SURETRADER. I had a look how much money I have spent on commissions and their usual technical problems made me find a different broker. As I am using TWITTER a lot, from time to time I was seeing traders using TradeZero and...

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SureTrader Review from Small Account Perspective

I have been using SureTrader for more than a year now. I opened SureTrader account on January 2017. I know Ross from warrior trading opened small account challenge that time and he was about to use SureTrader so I thought to give it a try too. As I’m based in UK it’s hard to find proper broker without pattern day trader (PDT) rules, then SureTrader was the only option.   So what are my thoughts on SureTrader after using it for more than year?  PROS Minimum account balance is 500$ 6:1 Margin Quick executions Easy and fast funding No...

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