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What is my Trading strategy?  Most of the time I trade small caps under 10$ and Low float stocks under 30ml. But there is times when the small caps are slow and I move to some larger cap stocks.  Over this year I have tried out a lot of strategies but just some of them i have decided to keep. Most of them you can see in my PATTERNS page, which I am updating daily and there is more to come. So what goes in the list of my strategies? Red to Green move – A lot of traders know...

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What I see on each of my 5 monitors

When it comes to Day trading I found out that I need at least 3 monitors to trade properly and 5 monitors to see everything. I know there is a lot of people who are using just 2 monitors and they are happy. I started out with 3 monitors and found out i need more, because can’t place everything around properly. My setup when I started out. So what do I see on my monitors? I put the numbers on each of them so you know what I’m talking about.   Lets start from Monitor 1. This is my...

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So what is my day trading setup?  I will show it a bit later, but first i will show how it all started. It all started at end of 2016 October, when i bought desk for trading. i needed a proper desk to hold few monitors and looked nice.       If you are in UK you can find it here Large Corner Computer Desk with 3 Drawers and A4 Filing Matching other Piranha Beech Effect Home Office Furniture – Regal PC 28b It costs around £120, and its very durable. Was standing on it with feet and it...

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What scanners I’m using?

Scanners takes a big role in my trading. I found it easier when i can see all the details about stock. I’m using TradeIdeas scanners Here is my Low Float Gapers scanner, i use it to find Low Float Morning Gaping stocks. Float is set up to 30 million shares, so i can filter out stocks i don’t need. I’m using two more morning gaping scanners, one is for Gap Ups over 3% and other is for Gap Downs more than 3%. But these are set up for any float stocks. These i’m using more often now, because small...

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