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How to set up TradeZero – ZeroPro platform for one or multiple monitors

Hi guys, just a quick lesson how to set up TradeZero ZeroPro platform for one or multiple monitors. I think you should use at least 2 monitors. I am using 5 and it works perfectly. But thats a different blog post. In this post we gonna see how to: Set up windows so we can place them anywhere on any monitor Link charts with LV2 Add indicators Add market clock Add portfolio Add news block explore Short list If you’r looking how to set up hotkeys for ZeroPro platform have a look HERE So lets start with opening TradeZero....

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How to set up HOTKEYS for TradeZero – ZeroPRO

When it comes to trading, I found it much more easier and quicker to execute orders by using hot keys. I am slow with mouse and very often I can miss entries or miss exits, what is even worse if the trade is going against you. Hot keys are good option if you got to get in and get out of the trade quickly.  I gonna walk you through how to set up hotkeys on ZeroPRO platform. Lets start by opening the platform… Hot key settings you can find inside the Main menu by clicking Hot Keys button.  Then...

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PROS LOW COMMISSIONS NO PDT RULE FAST DOCUMENT APPROVAL VERY FAST DEPOSITING ZERO COMMISSIONS HOT KEYS BORROWS FOR SHORT SELLERS GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT UP TO 6:1 LEVERAGE CONS NOT SO FAST EXECUTION SPEEDS HIGH DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAW FEES CHARTING NOT SUITABLE FOR US CITIZENS TradeZer0 is the broker I started using after I was mentally DONE with SURETRADER. I had a look how much money I have spent on commissions and their usual technical problems made me find a different broker. As I am using TWITTER a lot, from time to time I was seeing traders using TradeZero and...

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I am finally back. After blowing up my small account once again and going through biggest depression up to this point, I can happily say – I AM BACK. Took me almost 1 month to recover. As you probably know last time I started small account challenge on 19 of MARCH. I traded for three days, managed to grow my account to 50% and then blew it all in one day. Took very risky position and paid high price for it. I was even ashamed to show it because I was sure I got it this time, but was...

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This day has come. I finally topped up my small account. Now I need to do my return plan, how I’m going to trade. In a time off I have been going through all of my bad and good trades and I discovered there is few bad things holding me down. Things like CHASING, TRADING PUMP n DUMPS and HOLDING ON TO LOSERS. These are my stepping stones. I used to chase stocks and get in pump n dumps late. Usually with chasing I take a position and soon after it falls down like 30-60 cents. That is ridiculous. It can’t continue like that. Best option would be to cut out chasing and pump and dumps from trading. Just can’t enter a straight candle, need to wait for pullback if I don’t want to be selling in that pullback.  Some things to keep in mind: I start my trading day by reading out my TRADING RULES  I discipline myself to trade only my trading EDGE What is the risk? Accept it!! Take full responsibility – don’t blame market for your mistakes. Let the market bring you opportunities, don’t forse trades or boredom trade. Do everyday reviews to help my future trading Will see what markets bring us now. We have seen MEGA moves lately on Low floats.  On watch this week – $XTNT, $AQB...

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