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Introduction to Options trading

I started to learn options in summer time year 2019. I didnt had a good strategy that time. Was planning off trades from 5 min time frame. Didnt know anything about GREEKS, expirations, what strike to take, where and how to place stops. What broker to use for options. It took me nearly 1 year of hard work to find success in options. My strategy is quite simple now, the simplier, the better. In start of 2019 I was trading small caps and slowly started to wet my feet in options. I decided to switch because small caps isnt...

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Some of you might know already that I am trading big caps now. Want to sharpen my skills in big caps. When I was trading options, I really didnt had a good strategy so I am creating it now. Got some quite good set ups coming in now, what you can see under PATTERN TRACKING menu. I would recommend tracking similar to this for every starter, so you can track working patterns and create your EDGE. Had to completely remake my Monitor trading setup. Still trading with 3 monitors, just the layout is a bit different. For executions I...

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I am currently trading with Trader Equity and using sterling trader pro as a platform. I am used to using hot keys, if there is no hotkey possibilities on platform, I not gonna use it. Sterling Trader Pro is professional platform and when it comes to using hot keys, it’s powerful and easy to use. So lets dig in. I will show you how I have set up the hotkeys. I am using keyboard NUM pad for BUY orders and Numbers on top of letters for SHORT orders. I have set up hotkeys so I can BUY on ask...

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My First Options Trading Experience

This is my PNL curve for 2 months. Started with about $600 and was touching $1000 mark many times, until end of July started to trade BYND. More about ”fake meat” a bit later…. As you can see, I had a lot of ups and downs, and finally blowed up and had to top up account again. Both two months I was just trading without proper risk management, but now its the time for round 2!!! I choose the options because options account don’t require a large account, ofc its better to have larger account, but $500 is fine...

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