Introduction to Options trading

I started to learn options in summer time year 2019. I didnt had a good strategy that time. Was planning off trades from 5 min time frame. Didnt know anything about GREEKS, expirations, what strike to take, where and how to place stops. What broker to use for options. It took me nearly 1 year of hard work to find success in options. My strategy is quite simple now, the simplier, the better. In start of 2019 I was trading small caps and slowly started to wet my feet in options. I decided to switch because small caps isnt...

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Over these 3 years of trading I have changed a lot of charting softwares, but now I have stayed with TradingView. To my experience TradingView charts is the cleanest and EASY TO USE with most of tools needed for beginner traders to professional traders. I like the Cleanliness of charts, drawing and indicator possibilities, possibility to share your chart in social networks and many more.  But as in every trading tool there is BAD sides to it. The thing I don’t like, is that you can’t sync drawings in between layouts. It means when you make new layout, you...

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Some of you might know already that I am trading big caps now. Want to sharpen my skills in big caps. When I was trading options, I really didnt had a good strategy so I am creating it now. Got some quite good set ups coming in now, what you can see under PATTERN TRACKING menu. I would recommend tracking similar to this for every starter, so you can track working patterns and create your EDGE. Had to completely remake my Monitor trading setup. Still trading with 3 monitors, just the layout is a bit different. For executions I...

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I am currently trading with Trader Equity and using sterling trader pro as a platform. I am used to using hot keys, if there is no hotkey possibilities on platform, I not gonna use it. Sterling Trader Pro is professional platform and when it comes to using hot keys, it’s powerful and easy to use. So lets dig in. I will show you how I have set up the hotkeys. I am using keyboard NUM pad for BUY orders and Numbers on top of letters for SHORT orders. I have set up hotkeys so I can BUY on ask...

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My First Options Trading Experience

This is my PNL curve for 2 months. Started with about $600 and was touching $1000 mark many times, until end of July started to trade BYND. More about ”fake meat” a bit later…. As you can see, I had a lot of ups and downs, and finally blowed up and had to top up account again. Both two months I was just trading without proper risk management, but now its the time for round 2!!! I choose the options because options account don’t require a large account, ofc its better to have larger account, but $500 is fine...

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My previous 2019. Trading Setup(small caps + options)

My trading setup has changed from time to time, but now I find this setup perfect for me. Maybe just could get larger 4k monitor for executions. For now I am using 28″ Samsung 4k monitor for executions, turned vertical for better viewing, mainly for small caps. Then I got another 32″ HP monitor, what I intend to use for options trading, its 2k and does it’s job. And one LG 34″ screen what I use for chatroom, news, scanners and some gaming. As trading platform I am using TradeZero Zero Pro. And for charts – TC2000 Left side...

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How FOMO can destroy you

Fear of missing out. This is the one of the most common fears among traders, especially beginners. By fearing to miss out on trade you take bad entries, with too big risk and can even destroy your account. This post I gonna relate to myself, some of my recent trades has a lot of FOMO in them. When I feel I am missing out on big move and take the trade with bad entry and huge risk what is very painful for account. This is one of my biggest stepping stones now. It’s repeating again and again. Somehow even...

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TRADEZERO ZeroPro with ProCharts REVIEW

Recently came back to trading from 4 month break and decided to use TradeZero platform again. To my surprise the ZeroPro platform has been improved a lot. And now its coming with better and improved charts called ProCharts. TradeZero team has done an excellent job by improving their software. This review is going to be an update for my previous TradeZero Review post what I did in year 2018. Will mark out all the improvements seen… You can check out my previous review HERE. PROS New improved software Better looks Faster executions Better charts Faster money deposits Cheap or...

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Trade only your EDGE

Just recently got burned by trading not in my field. Probably a lot of traders can relate to it. When you try out something new, out of your EDGE where you have just a little understanding what you are doing. I took BA Options puts trade, I had some insights how to trade those but its not my edge, its not been tracked as all the other patterns I have. First thing, spreads was too big, its volatile as hell. I couldn’t afford to lose so much again with my small account, it might take another week to recover or not recover at all. Thats the way it is you must pay for your mistakes. Now I have a new rule, dont trade options until you have enough cushion, bigger account. I would like to learn Options in future, but not now. I need to concentrate on small caps. At first learn the patterns there, get confident, build account and when you are a lot more better, then can start learning something else with the same process. Start small, find patterns, track them, get better, build confidence and only then can start using bigger size. Protect your capital man. It goes for everything, if you are trading big caps, trying out small caps with the same strategy can be destructive. Trading and sticking to your patterns takes a lot...

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When hearing CFD trading, a lot of people think it’s scam. Because everybody have heard stories, where the CFD broker takes ”other side” of your trades but trust me, TradeNet is a different story. From my own experience I can say, I didn’t had any problems. How did I came across TradeNet? After blowing up one of my previous brokerage accounts I was out of the game again. And when you are an average working person it’s not easy to save money for new account. So I came across TradeNet challenge and decided to try it. TradeNet challenge is...

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I did it again…

Yes, AGAIN. By taking wrong decisions on Friday, I am out of the game, again. Always these hard lessons, what happens when you try something new away from your edge. So what happened?  Maybe some of you already know that I was SWINGING ABIL over weekend from Friday. I was thinking it gonna continue to drop down, because it’s already made its move. No, somebody needed to pump it up, again. That stocks financials are crap and it surged up with no news. With TEFS, tradenet you can’t trade after hours and pre market, so I was just watching how my account gets destroyed and couldn’t do anything about it. Just to hope it gonna fall back down. It’s not easy to write this again, but I hope somebody else can learn from it.  Its double risky to hold stocks overnight with tradenet because you wont be able to sell it Pre Market if something goes wrong. This is one HIGHLY MANIPULATED stock. It got pumped just to get required money what is necessary to escape delisting from NASDQ. Now I gonna spend more time to discover more A+ setups. It’s the setups what are you most confident about and can use bigger size. And then don’t trade anything else just your setups. If you don’t see setup, you don’t enter the trade. Ahhh, still got conversation with tradenet...

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Setup HOT KEYS for TEFS trader, Tradenet platform + SAMPLES

Just a quick post on TEFS trader Hot Keys. Its very easy to set them up.  I like their platform. I have never had a missed fills yet. And I am using exact ASK and BID prices. I know some people are adding few cents to not miss a fill. But I found it quick enough to fill me straight away. Ok, lets start to set them up…. First you have to go under config menu and choose Hot Key You will get a Hot Key Configure Window.     Make sure you got ”enable Hot Key” box ticked...

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How to set up TradeZero – ZeroPro platform for one or multiple monitors

Hi guys, just a quick lesson how to set up TradeZero ZeroPro platform for one or multiple monitors. I think you should use at least 2 monitors. I am using 5 and it works perfectly. But thats a different blog post. In this post we gonna see how to: Set up windows so we can place them anywhere on any monitor Link charts with LV2 Add indicators Add market clock Add portfolio Add news block explore Short list If you’r looking how to set up hotkeys for ZeroPro platform have a look HERE So lets start with opening TradeZero....

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How to set up HOTKEYS for TradeZero – ZeroPRO

When it comes to trading, I found it much more easier and quicker to execute orders by using hot keys. I am slow with mouse and very often I can miss entries or miss exits, what is even worse if the trade is going against you. Hot keys are good option if you got to get in and get out of the trade quickly.  I gonna walk you through how to set up hotkeys on ZeroPRO platform. Lets start by opening the platform… Hot key settings you can find inside the Main menu by clicking Hot Keys button.  Then...

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PROS LOW COMMISSIONS NO PDT RULE FAST DOCUMENT APPROVAL VERY FAST DEPOSITING ZERO COMMISSIONS HOT KEYS BORROWS FOR SHORT SELLERS GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT UP TO 6:1 LEVERAGE CONS NOT SO FAST EXECUTION SPEEDS HIGH DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAW FEES CHARTING NOT SUITABLE FOR US CITIZENS TradeZer0 is the broker I started using after I was mentally DONE with SURETRADER. I had a look how much money I have spent on commissions and their usual technical problems made me find a different broker. As I am using TWITTER a lot, from time to time I was seeing traders using TradeZero and...

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I am finally back. After blowing up my small account once again and going through biggest depression up to this point, I can happily say – I AM BACK. Took me almost 1 month to recover. As you probably know last time I started small account challenge on 19 of MARCH. I traded for three days, managed to grow my account to 50% and then blew it all in one day. Took very risky position and paid high price for it. I was even ashamed to show it because I was sure I got it this time, but was...

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SureTrader Review from Small Account Perspective

I have been using SureTrader for more than a year now. I opened SureTrader account on January 2017. I know Ross from warrior trading opened small account challenge that time and he was about to use SureTrader so I thought to give it a try too. As I’m based in UK it’s hard to find proper broker without pattern day trader (PDT) rules, then SureTrader was the only option.   So what are my thoughts on SureTrader after using it for more than year?  PROS Minimum account balance is 500$ 6:1 Margin Quick executions Easy and fast funding No...

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This day has come. I finally topped up my small account. Now I need to do my return plan, how I’m going to trade. In a time off I have been going through all of my bad and good trades and I discovered there is few bad things holding me down. Things like CHASING, TRADING PUMP n DUMPS and HOLDING ON TO LOSERS. These are my stepping stones. I used to chase stocks and get in pump n dumps late. Usually with chasing I take a position and soon after it falls down like 30-60 cents. That is ridiculous. It can’t continue like that. Best option would be to cut out chasing and pump and dumps from trading. Just can’t enter a straight candle, need to wait for pullback if I don’t want to be selling in that pullback.  Some things to keep in mind: I start my trading day by reading out my TRADING RULES  I discipline myself to trade only my trading EDGE What is the risk? Accept it!! Take full responsibility – don’t blame market for your mistakes. Let the market bring you opportunities, don’t forse trades or boredom trade. Do everyday reviews to help my future trading Will see what markets bring us now. We have seen MEGA moves lately on Low floats.  On watch this week – $XTNT, $AQB   Share this:Click to share on...

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What is my Trading strategy?  Most of the time I trade small caps under 10$ and Low float stocks under 30ml. But there is times when the small caps are slow and I move to some larger cap stocks.  Over this year I have tried out a lot of strategies but just some of them i have decided to keep. Most of them you can see in my PATTERNS page, which I am updating daily and there is more to come. So what goes in the list of my strategies? Red to Green move – A lot of traders know...

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