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Introduction to Options trading

I started to learn options in summer time year 2019. I didnt had a good strategy that time. Was planning off trades from 5 min time frame. Didnt know anything about GREEKS, expirations, what strike to take, where and how to place stops. What broker to use for options. It took me nearly 1 year of hard work to find success in options. My strategy is quite simple now, the simplier, the better. In start of 2019 I was trading small caps and slowly started to wet my feet in options. I decided to switch because small caps isnt...

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Using multiple Time Frames

If you want to improve your trading, you should use more than one time frame to set up your trades. Using of multiple time frames improves your view on trade you are prepared to take. Multiple time frames can give you clearer picture of where the trend is. Maybe you are looking on 5 minute time frame and saying: This is trending higher. But then you have a look in 60 minute chart and it’s screaming for short. Anyway it gonna be better probability of a good trade if you look at bigger time frames. Long Term and Short...

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Over these 3 years of trading I have changed a lot of charting softwares, but now I have stayed with TradingView. To my experience TradingView charts is the cleanest and EASY TO USE with most of tools needed for beginner traders to professional traders. I like the Cleanliness of charts, drawing and indicator possibilities, possibility to share your chart in social networks and many more.  But as in every trading tool there is BAD sides to it. The thing I don’t like, is that you can’t sync drawings in between layouts. It means when you make new layout, you...

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