(Last Updated On: May 25, 2018)

Today write DAS TRADER PRO company is it’s possible to get their software with demo account for longer time. They replied – they have paid options with cheapest LV2 and Market depth it goes $150 a month. As I gonna need some software to trade all summer to work on my strategy, I gonna buy it or reinstall computer every 14 Days to be able to use trial again. Not sure how to remove registry entries so will need to reinstall windows. 😀

So… Today traded 4 stocks – LONG and SHORT. Some of trades where good, some bad.

Starting from the first one – SBOT

was watching this over PRE MARKET HIGHS of $3. It opened with a little pullback and then it shoot through the highs. Some how while I was Switching over to my montage and pressed Hot Key it was already above $3 and I got filled at 3.08. Sold it at 3.16. 

Next trade I took was on SNES. I was thinking if it doesn’t break 1.60 then it will be SHORT trade. Shorted it below opening candle. Covered when it hold 200 Daily MA Support. Excellent trade!!!

Next trade I took was from momo scanner. Entered anticipating HIGH OF DAY BREAK. Stopped out when it didn’t and formed 2.70 Double TOP. Got afraid of being dumped ON. AND it looked like SHORTS are trying to hold it down. But it grinded it way up and the next safe entery for me looked at JUST BEFORE HALT BUY. Buyers were stepping in and it felt it gonna reopen higher. As it did. Sold just after HALT.

Later I was watching 4.50 support brake too but didnt pull the trigger. Later saw it was a trend line break too. Didn’t really saw any news on this one.

Next one i took trade on IFON. Was watching this already in pre market. It had low float and it gets pumped quite a lot too. Not happy about my trading on it. Started to short it when it couldn’t break the highs. Entry was too early. After I shorted, it started to rip higher And i got afraid of being stuck in upwards HALT so sold it. AND heres comes the Stupid part. After covering I went LONG where was an ideal place for ADDING. I quickly understood my mistake and exit a position and went SHORT again, because that was my starting PLAN. It even felt like I am trading with real money. Covered a bit early as it totally dumped. Looked like again some FURU pumped the stock and pure people got dumped on. When Longs are desperate and selling their loosing positions stock is dumping fast. I know because i have been in a dump like that, where you cant get out and stock is just falling lower and lower.

NEXT took a trade again on SBOT  anticipating vwap  and 3.10 support crack. It cracked but bounced back right after. You can see it did it multiple times until it finally cracked at 11:39. Later on day they issued public offering and it just dumped. 

Today I felt like I am trading with real money. Felt bad for RED trades and was happy for good GREEN trades. Anyway it’s not the same as trading with real money.

Now I gonna try to look for borrows every time I am willing to short something. Just to make it all look more real.